about medicine in Germany.
Label: how to leave the doctor in Germany.
Vebinar “Germany through the Eyes of the Eyewitness” .
So you took the long-awaited online & # 8212; seminar on the topic “Germany through the eyes of an eyewitness”, the webinar passed in a warm family atmosphere and we tried to answer all your questions, unfortunately we were limited by the time limits. Therefore, we ask in advance forgiveness if someone did not hear the answer to your question. Follow my blog, write comments and you will find out a lot more interesting. Pleasant viewing.
Become a doctor in Germany. Step by step.
Dear colleagues. My name is Vladimir Isaenko and I publish my first audio podcast. For a year of working with you, I was able to analyze the most common mistakes in finding a job in Germany. Thanks to this, I managed to create a unique algorithm that will show you how to go all the way to find a workplace in a German clinic. By studying this algorithm, you can understand how NOT to make mistakes or NOT to repeat them again when you are employed by a doctor in Germany. The algorithm for finding a job is simple though it requires my explanation. Below, you can listen to my comment and see this algorithm.
Hooray. Now I am a doctor in Germany (the history of the conquest of Germany by one of our colleagues).
I am always pleased to hear about your successes, my dear readers. I will always remember the difficulties that I had to go through to become a successful doctor in Germany and it was in those minutes that I lacked the support and sometimes the belief that All of me will succeed. One of my readers decided to write her success story, how she managed to conquer Germany. I know that for many of you this story will become a catalyst and only strengthen your faith in yourself. wished to keep his name secret, so questions related to this stat her you can ask me.
Interview in the German clinic? 10 practical advice from a doctor in Germany.
Did you receive the long-awaited invitation for an interview in a German clinic? They jumped, they shouted, and now we are considering everything soberly.
How do German doctors improve their skills and interview with Anton Dorofeev.
NEW VIDEO. From the new video you will learn: how to improve their qualifications German doctors, visit one of the most famous orthopedic clinics in Germany, as well as hear an interesting conversation with our # 187; a doctor successfully working in Germany. You will find a lot of interesting and useful advice from Anton Dorofeev and me. Good luck!
How I taught ultrasound in Germany (with a gift for you!).
In April 2014, I was fortunate enough to pass the “Sono-Grundkurs” in the wonderful city of Traunstein, in the south of Bavaria.
Now also a video blog about medicine in Germany!
Today I publish my first video, which will be most interesting to those who are just starting their search for a workplace in Germany. I plan to continue creating interesting films, interviewing German doctors, visiting well-known clinics and medical exhibitions in Germany, and simply telling about life and everyday life of a German doctor. To do this, I need your support, feedback, likes and of course tips. Write your comments in the comments, which would be especially interesting for you to hear or see. Good luck! Your doctor in Germany & # 8212; Vladimir Isayenko.
F.A.Q. on employment of doctors in Germany.
F.A.Q. on employment of doctors in Germany. Answers to frequently asked questions from you. 1. Is it possible to find a doctor in Germany without an internship / residency? No, you can not get into practical medicine. The Germans do not recognize our education without a certificate of completion of internship or residency. Having only 6 years of university behind you, you will only be credited for 5 years and will ask you to complete your university year, with all the consequences that follow from here (you need a high average score in your university, German language, confirmed by the certificate TestDaF, the completion of missing items and enrollment in one of the German universities).
How to leave a doctor in Germany!
Hello! I’m a doctor and I work in Germany. This article is addressed to my former colleagues who want to work by profession, but in a civilized country. And I ask you not to write comments – “Glory to our Ukrainorussobelarusi. Why did you sell your homeland? ” I’m tired of these arguments and write this article not for that.

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